Frequently Asked Questions

1. What should I write about?

The sky's the limit. Write about where you live, what you're learning at school, what questions you have about the world, what movies you'd like to see or have recently seen, what you might like to do when you grow up, and how you'd like to change the world.

2. Why did you choose snail mail instead of email?

We think letter-writing is a nice way to slow down and process the events of your life and those of someone else’s. We wanted to help meet the growing demand for screen-free alternatives to leisure activities. We like that pen pals don’t take electricity and believe it is a more personal way to connect than a lot of online social media.  

3. What if my child doesn't read or write yet?

Join the Swubble art exchange! We have swubble buddies who send art to each other instead of writing back and forth. Sign up and we'll send more information. 

4. Why don't I just write to someone I know in another state?

By all means, please do! If you want to join Swubbles, send us a pic of one of your letters or evelopes and/or let us know about your experience. 

5. Do you sell anything?

No, but we are thinking about creating Swubble Buddy stuffed animals and donating the profit to a group that serves children. If you have any ideas you'd like to send, please do.

6. Can I have more than one Swubble Buddy?

As many as you want! As long as you are able to keep up regular correspondence with all your Swubble Buddies, we see no reason to limit the number.